Why Seek Counseling?

Joy, as well as challenging times, are both part of being alive. The complexities of relationships, families, work, taking care of ourselves and dealing with loss and change can be overwhelming. At times, we can feel lost, confused, stuck and hopeless. Discouragement and pain numb us to the possibilities of living life to the fullest.

During such difficult times, counseling provides people with a place where they can talk about what is happening in their life and how they feel about it. This is best done with a trained and licensed professional. Any information shared is held in confidence under state and federal guidelines.

People come to counseling for many different reasons. It takes a strong person to acknowledge that he or she is discontented with life. The counseling process supports people in sorting through confusing experiences, identifying feelings, and healing pain. Dealing with change (forced or planned) is a challenge that often requires growth and using new coping strategies that can be learned in counseling. Finally, many people are looking to find meaning in the experiences that life brings, and therapy can lend support to this process of discovery.

The goal of counseling is unique to each person’s individual needs. We work together to identify your needs and set counseling goals. In general, counseling is a process that seeks to help people become more empowered to see new "possibilities" and find "peace" for living healthier and happier lives in all areas: personal life, relationships, work, and service. leaf